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One thing that always irks companies about bringing in a consultant is the
lurking suspicion that said expert doesn’t really have any real-world experience,
all their expertise is theoretical.

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Meet Jen

A self-described, unapologetic,
dyed-in-the-wool consultant with
more than 20 years of consulting,
corporate, and international experience.

She’s worked for mega-corporations, start-ups, and everything in between.

Jen started her career as a financial analyst, but decided that was a little too predictable (and repetitive) to keep up with her desire for new challenges.

So, she shifted gears to consulting where she started to hone her skills  as a project manager and problem solver.

Word soon got out about Jen’s ability to solve problems neatly and efficiently; she was a bit like The Wolf from “Pulp Fiction”, only with more comfortable shoes, and without the $80,000 sports car. She started getting offers from all over, heading down under to Sydney for a year, then across the pond next to London, tackling problems of all shapes and sizes while also adding more operations and general management responsibilities to her plate.

Speaking of plates, when she decided it was time to take a break from Consulting, Jen enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu London (one of Europe’s leading culinary institutes).  After graduating at the top of her class, Jen opened a restaurant in San Francisco, trading in her Gantt charts and vertical slices for seared scallops and steak au Poivre.

After two years of satisfying customers and critics, Jen decided she was hungry for new challengers of her own and dove back into consulting full bore. As she began to take on bigger and bigger projects for a large company, she realized that her favorite part of the whole process was seeing the problem, fixing the problem, and watching the clients enjoy the results, without the slow machinations of working for a giant firm.

And so, despite the great benefits, splendid coworkers and impressive title
(Vice President of Strategic Planning, thank you very much), Jen walked away from
it all to become the consultant she was always meant to be, your Trusty Sidekick.